Online seminar Large Language Models

Jun 1, 2023

In order to address the questions and challenges higher education face with Large Language Models WASP-ED hosted an online seminar May 12, 2023.

The seminar consisted of three presentations from invited speakers followed by panel discussion and break-out sessions.
Johanna Björklund, Umeå University described Large Language Models from a technical aspect. Their origin, functions and what to expect from a technical point of view.
Peter Parnes, Luleå University of Technology talked about ChatGPT and how it be used for Teaching and Research
Arnold Pears, KTH presented the impact of Large Language Models on examination and university policy.
The topics of the break out sessions were according to the presentations, the participants had the opportunity to further deepened their thoughts and discussions.

The seminar was appreciated among the 200 participants, originated mainly from higher education.

The presentations will be available in a recording below

link to the recording, youtube